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Gen.G’s Clid Reflects On Zed Pick In Jungle



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Kim Tae-min, known as “Clid,” is a 22-year-old South Korean League Of Legends player who has been playing for Gen.G Esports since November 2019. Before that, he was representing SK Telecom T1.

Following their third finish at LCK Summer 2021, Gen.G Esports managed to get invited to the League Of Legends World Championship that will be held in Iceland, and Clid spoke in a recent interview with Korizon Esports’ Ashley Kang before they take off for the European country.

In the conversation, Clid was asked about the Zed jungle meta that has been popping off in the solo queue, and Clip shared his honest opinion about the champion as well as how it will affect the Worlds.

While Clid was saying that Zed has the fastest jungle clear out of all viable champions in the jungle, he also pointed out that using Zed well on the rift might be a difference-maker in some of the matches.

Furthermore, the talented jungler mentioned that Zed is a unique champion that his viability differs and depends on who plays the champion and said that people might see interesting team compositions to play around Zed.

Clid shared his opinion about Zed jungle:

“I’d say that Zed has the fastest jungle clear out of all viable champions we’ve been seeing. Using Zed and using him well might become a difference-maker for some teams.

Part of it is, Zed is very different depending on who plays him. And if Zed makes it to competitive play, we might also see some interesting team comps to play around Zed.”

You can listen to the full conversation below.

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