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General Manager Of eUnited Reveals Why Esports Is Better Than Politic



Matthew Potthoff, known as “Burns” is a former Call Of Duty player who had played for teams like Cloud9, Team Liquid, Rise Nation, eUnited more. In August 2016, he retired from the competitive scene and become the Co-General Manager of eUnited.

On 30 November, he said that Esports is hitting an era where a good, honest and hardworking that can help the people improve and this is why Esports is better than politics.

Burns said:

“Esports is finally hitting an era where a good, honest, and hardworking reputation can help push you farther than playing politics.”

NRG Esports member Ashes replied:

“Hoping I see that soon”

Burns replied:

“You will gotcha”

You can read the tweets below.