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Genesis Player Pr0phie Says PUBG Should Have Stop Killing The Game



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25-year-old American PUBG player Magno Ramos, known as “Pr0phie” has been playing for Genesis since August 2019. Before that, he was playing for Cloud9 and Ghost Gaming. In his career, he earned over $100.000 from the tournaments that he attended.

On 5 December, he roasted the PUBG and said that they should do something to revive the game.

Pr0phie said:

“Public games is so boring just add ranked mode already stop trying to kill your game. I’m triggered . I wanna play competitive settings.”

Another player Apples replied:

“Ironic RL’s tweet comes right before yours with COMPETITIVE & RANKED in the same tweet. Games have been doing this for years. Why is it so difficult for PUBG? Double blue zone tho, sick . This hurts my head”

Streamer Zack Ventura replied:

“Had some terrible games last night, got extremely tilted. Bad packet loss, low FPS, and the ping was jumping around. Overall bad experience.”

You can check the tweets below.


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