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GeT_RiGhT Steps In For Dignitas After f0rest Leaves For An Emergency



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Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund is a 30-year-old Swedish legendary retired CS:GO player who is known for his time with Ninjas In Pyjamas between 2012-2019, and he was such good player that he created the lurking role in the game.

Unfortunately, things weren’t going well for the Swedish roster, and they announced their departures from NIP at the start of 2020 as they joined Dignitas with core members of legendary NIP, Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg and Adam “friberg” Friberg.

Even though GeT_RiGhT worked really hard during his time with Dignitas, he couldn’t deliver as expected. Therefore, the organization decided to bench him about eight months after building the roster.

At the start of 2021, the legendary player announced his retirement from CS:GO and become the content creator of Dignitas. Since then, he has been full-time streaming on Twitch. But yesterday, he returned back to the competitive play with Dignitas.

At Funspark ULTI 2021 Europe Regional Series 2, Dignitas faced HAVU. The first map was Dust 2, picked by HAVU, and they lost the map with 16-13. As they were starting to the second map, Inferno, f0rest had to go to the emergency with his daughter.

Because of that, Dignitas asked GeT_RiGhT to step in for f0rest. On the second map, the Swedish side gave their best to win, but couldn’t make it happen in the end. But, it was awesome to see GeT_RiGhT on the server once again.

As Dignitas lost the map, GeT_RiGhT played with a 0.85 rating, and he got a 73.3 average damage per round which is the second-best number on the Dignitas side. Also, he was the third-best fragger for the team with 14 kills.

“Had to go to the emergency with my daughter, all is well now. but scary none the less,” f0rest said. “Thanks, GeT_RiGhT for stepping in! And well fought by my teammates aswell! We beat skade 2-1 and lost to having 0-2.”

GeT_RiGhT also mentioned that he is gladful that they asked for him to step in. “Worst possible day to stepin and help the guys in Dignitas when you ain’t feeling to well,” he said. “But hey! I’m glad they asked.”

You can watch the highlights of the match below.

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