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Ghost Gaming Fortnite Player Enzo Shares His Hardest Moments



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American Fortnite player Enzo “Enzo” Simonette who has been playing for Ghost Gaming since July 2018. On 7 August, he revealed one of the hardest moments of his life.

Enzo said:

“People that don’t have ongoing anxiety are so lucky and they don’t even know it, my chest is always tight and my stomach Always has the nervous feeling and my heart is always racing, anytime I wanna do the stuff I love I get anxiety and it’s so hard.”

Enzo added:

“And this isn’t something new, I’ve been like this my entire life and it’s just always been the normal to me. The normal has always been harder for me then most, and people wonder why I disappear from my friends or whatever cause sometimes being by myself is just easier.”

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