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Ghost Gaming Fortnite Player Kayuun Reveals How To Improve Your Aim



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Justin Ha, known as “Kayuun” is an American Fortnite player who has been representing Ghost Gaming since September 2018. On 31 October, Kayuun shared a tip to improve your aim. He said that changing the sensitivity is not gonna help you.

Kayuun continued:

“You dont need to change ur sens to become a better aimer. Just make an effort to consciously think about your crosshair as you aim. One of the reasons I think people are constantly changing their sense is to force themselves to actively think about their aim, when the same thing can be accomplished without having to go through the trouble of learning a new sensitivity. Just don’t be lazy”

He added:

“obviously this is in the context that you dont have a ridiculously high or low sensitivity. if you can do a 360 by sneezing, somethings gotta change homie to put it in another perspective, it’s like how some tennis players get too used to swinging their racket. They start getting lazy and swing without looking at where the ball is compared to where they’re swinging their racket, and thus hit it off center. A lot of fortnite players in the same situation would’ve blamed boom for missing”

You can check his tweets below.


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