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Ghost Gaming PUBG Player Miccoy Reveals Why Fortnite Is Better



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Kevin Linn, known as “Miccoy” is an American PUBG player who has been playing for Ghost Gaming since September 2017. On 16 August, Miccoy smashed PUBG and revealed that why is Fornite better than PUBG right now.

Miccoy said:

“Why is our game not like fortnite? Fortnite: adds a lot of ingame content weekly/monthly, changes to the mal to keep gameplay fresh, adds new items to entice casual players.(yes some are dumb like sword/mech) skins are actually GOOOOOOOD and you dont have to loot for 12 years”

Miccoy added:

“OH DONT FORGET ALL THE ONLINE MONEY PEOPLE CAN PLAY FOR. PUBG: Lets update the game like every 4 months and add maybe a new gun. Oh and for skins i was thinking a double barrel stat trak skin. Oh and the players keep asking for all this stuff but lets give them a glock skin!”

Miccoy lastly said:”

“Fortnite also supports their creators and pros with the creator code system. PUBG gives like 6 streamers a t-shirt skin and maybe a primary gun if they like you like every 6 months.”

You can check his tweets below.

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