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Ghost Gaming PUBG Player Miccoy Shares An Untold Tip To Player Better



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American PUBG player Kevin Linn, known as “Miccoy” has been playing for Ghost Gaming since September 2017. On 19 November, he replied to the coach of Ghost Gaming; Jabroni and he revealed the biggest issue and how to counter it.

Jabroni said:

“If you were coming into @pubg for the first time, and trying to win squad games. What would you want to be made aware of? Rotations? Scouting? Crashing?”

Miccoy replied:

“biggest issue for me and @WizwikiTV when we first started playing was that we were terrified of fighting and wanted to avoid people so wed always send it or wrap to a shack or something”

He added:

“So I think the best thing to do is go into shooting range/hotdrop a lot for a few hundred hours and really get ur aim on point so you dont just get dominated after looting phase”

You can read the tweets below.

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