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Ghost Gaming’s Fortnite Player Enzo Thinks Fortnite Will Never Be Like CS:GO About This



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Enzo Simonette, known as “Enzo” has been playing for Ghost Gaming since 2018. On 21 May 2019, he tweeted about the community differences between CS:GO and Fortnite. CS:GO’s history between players and teams, perfectly contact with the CS:GO developers and players is a fact and Enzo might be sad about that Fortnite doesn’t have this beauty. After he tweeted about this, he shared FaZe Clan CS:GO Player Olofmeister‘s round winning play clip and how It was immortalized.

Enzo said:

“Being able to follow csgo pros and there story’s truly is a amazing thing and sadly Fortnite will never have a esports that will come close to the atmosphere Csgo creates. :(“

He added:

“Seeing olofmeister force defuse on overpass live gave me goose bumps, one of the greatest plays in Csgo history and it’s marked by a graffiti on the map created by the devs”

Complexity player Punisher replied:

“CSGO and LOL have so many iconic moments that give me goosebumps. The 5v5 team aspect makes the storyline that much better. I could see this somehow being possible in Fortnite where a team makes a huge come back to win worlds. All comes down to great editing also”

Enzo replied:

“Yeah a big part of it is how the moments are presented.”

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