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GODSENT CS:GO Coach Devilwalk Reveals The Most Aggressive Team In The World



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28-year-old Swedish former CS:GO player and currently a coach, Jonatan Lundberg, known as “Devilwalk,” has been working for GODSENT since November 2019. Before that, he had coached for teams like Optic Gaming, Epsilon Esports, Fnatic, and many more.

Yesterday, after the match between Cloud9 and FunPlus Phoenix at the Flashpoint tournament, Devilwalk has shared a post on his official Twitter account and stated that Cloud9 is the most aggressive team he has ever seen in recent memory.

Here is what Devilwalk said:

“Cloud9 CS team is the most aggressive team I’ve seen in recent memory, both sides.”

Gen.G Esports player daps replied:

“I think one of our scrims vs them ended in 30min haha.”

Devilwalk replied:

“We have experienced something very similar.”

A fan user named Prius replied to daps:

“Weird flex.”

daps wrote:

“I’m not even saying we won or lost but it was FAST.”

You can read the tweets below.

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