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GODSENT CS:GO Coach Devilwalk Reveals Their Biggest Strength



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28-year-old Swedish CS:GO coach Jonatan Lundberg, known as “Devilwalk,” has been working for GODSENT since November 2019. Previously, he had worked for teams like Optic Gaming, SMASH Esports, and many more.

Yesterday, during the conversation with  James “BanKs” Banks, Devilwalk revealed their biggest strength. He stated that they have open-minded players and their communication level is top level. Players can solve the problems by talking to each other without and issue.

Here is what Devilwalk said:

“We usually get a lot out of discussions, it’s where we develop as a team when we collectively talk as a group. I think one of our biggest strengths is objectively looking at our matches afterward. For example, when we lost to Complexity in the Minor, we had a four-long conversation afterward.

We were not mad or anything, it was just like, ‘This and that went wrong. What can we change for tomorrow?'”

You can watch the video below.

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