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GODSENT CS:GO Player maden Slams ESEA For Bizarre Reason



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Pavle Bošković, known as “maden,” is a 21-year-old Montenegrin CS:GO player who has been representing GODSENT jersey for over four months. Before that, he was playing for SMASH Esports.

After their match against OG Esports,maden has shared a post on his official Twitter account and revealed his feelings. Afterwards, maden slammed the ESEA’s client for not being good enough for the game. He stated that his frames are dropping all the time.

Here is what maden said:

“We won the game, and after all, I want to say that ESEA client is so bad, I don’t have good pc and I still have 220-280 fps on practice games, but on ESEA client I had whole bo3 160-190 fps which was unplayable and I couldn’t take aim duels:)”

A fan named eneshan replied:

“yup its been like this for months probably years esea games are close to unplayable for me”

Another fan user named Sensah replied:

“My fps is capped at 170 and it’s just fine. I’m not sure the human eye can even detect the difference between 170 and 240 fps. Now I might be wrong, but the placebo fucked you more than anything”

You can check the post below.

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