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GODSENT CS:GO Player Maden Slams Faceit Soloq: “They Are All Stupid”



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Pavle Bošković, known as “maden,” is a 21-year-old Montenegrin CS:GO player who has been playing under GODSENT jersey for over seven months. Previously, he was playing for SMASH Esports.

maden took to his official Twitter account to share his opinion about Faceit’s solo queue and slammed the people who are playing it.

He stated that they all think they are the greatest and smartest players in the team and their teammates are thrash. maden wrote that they don’t even try to learn something in the matches and explained what happened to him.

Here is what maden wrote:

“Soloq on Faceit is the biggest shit ever, people are smartest, best, and everyone around them is shit and stupid… They don’t even try to learn something.

Trying to call A split on dust2 because we won 4 rounds before it on B and they might stack or do something about it, and we lost that round on A and he started crying ‘why do we go A if B is working’ and they died 3 guys on short from AWP long corner,not even know to flash corner… Started calling me stupid.”

You can check out the tweets below.


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