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GODSENT CS:GO Player Maikelele to Valve: “Unban This Kid!”



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28-year-old Swedish CS:GO player Mikail Bill, known as “Maikelele,” has been playing for GODSENT since November 2019. Before that, he had played for teams like NoChance, FaZe Clan, Ninjas in Pyjamas, G2 Esports and many more.

A few days ago, Maikelele shared his opinion about the banned player Braxton “swag” Pierce and said that Valve should unban this player.

Here is what Maikelele said:

“Hey @CSGO!

I actually think it’s time to unban @brax1wnl and the boys. Give them a chance to do what they love to.

Sincerely, lele”

A fan user named Bambi replied:

“I fully agree. 5 years now i think. Should not be permanent. Please do it csgo dev team!”

Another fan named Floxi replied:

“Would be a better decision instead of giving cheaters a 2nd chance”

You can read his tweet below.

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