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GODSENT CS:GO Player STYKO: “I Have A Mental Breakdown Because Of Valve”



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24-year-old Slovakian CS:GO player Martin Styk, known as “STYKO,” has been playing for GODSENT since November 2019. Before that, he had played for teams like SMASH Esports, Mousesports, Cloud9 and more.

A few days ago, after Valve released new missions for the CS:GO, STYKO said that these missions are so bad that he had a mental breakdown at the end.

Here is what STYKO said:

“Just did 200 UMP kills on Deathmatch because of mission. I am uncomfortably close to a mental breakdown. Thanks @CSGO”

A fan user named Arma replied:

“I haven’t seen the missions yet so thx for ruining my day xD”

Another fan named Steven replied:

“Welcome to Sanji’s world.”

You can read his tweet below.

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