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Goga Explains One Of The Main Reasons Of Why Siege Has Low Viewership



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Daniel Mazorra Romero, known as “Goga,” is a 26-year-old Spanish former Rainbow Six Siege player who is known for his time with G2 Esports between 2018-2019. Recently, he had played for Team Vitality.

Even though Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most unique and great FPS games in the world, the viewership has been dropping down for a while. Yesterday, Goga wanted to explain why Siege has a low viewership and how can make it better via Twitter.

In the post, Goga mentioned that players have been spending lots of time even before the round starts such as map picks, operator bans and picks, as well as round end replay.

According to Goga, these moments took lots of free time of the players as well as the viewers, which is not enjoyable at all. Therefore, he pointed out that Ubisoft should look for ways to lower the waiting screens.

As Goga said, players have been spending around one minute before selecting the operator and playing the preparation phase. In Goga’s words, this is too much time that flows without doing anything.

Goga shared his thoughts about the Siege viewership:

“I know it’s not the main reason why Siege has low numbers at the moment but the game has never been fun to watch outside of competitions in my opinion. You spend more time on loading screens / selecting operators / etc than playing the game, as a viewer that’s just boring as hell.

was curious about how much time we spend between rounds.. from the beggining of the replay of the last round until the start of the next one, 45-55 seconds have passed doing nothing but selecting your operator This is just too much time doing nothing.

We could get rid of the replay of the last round, get rid of the screen showing which round are you in, decrease op selection time from 30s to 15s and you would hop into action way sooner (talking about ranked here).”

You can check out the post below.

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