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Gotcha Announces His Departure From Evil Geniuses



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One of the greatest minds in Rainbow Six Siege is Aaron Chung, known as “Gotcha” who had been coaching for Evil Geniuses for almost one year. On 31 August, Gotcha admits that rumors are true and he is leaving the Evil Geniuses.

Gotcha said:

“For the past 10 months, it has been nothing but a privilege and an honor to be the team’s coach. 10 months ago, I was a CL player trying to grind my way to pro league and play at the top level in pro league. When I saw that EG was looking for a coach, I reached out to Troy and the boys and asked them to consider me for the head coaching position. Sure enough, they took me on as their coach and we simply didn’t only become teammates that enjoyed working with each other, we became great friends.”

Gotcha added:

“Thank you to EG for being an awesome org and welcoming me with such open arms nearly 10 months ago. I wish nothing but the best for everybody on EG and the future of their Rainbow Six Team. “

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