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Why GTA 6 Will It be on PS4 Before PS5?



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Grand Theft Auto 6 is preparing to meet players. But what is the probability that the GTA 6, a game that has not yet been announced, is available in PS4 before PS5?

According to PSU news, this is possible. Here’s why:

“It’s certainly within the realms of possibility as Rockstar made that exact move with Grand Theft Auto 5, which launched on PS3 before heading to PS4 about 14 months later. Players had a certain amount of time to transfer their progress, but had to rebuy the base game.

Well, they had a choice not to, but you only have to look at the sales figures to see that many players did exactly that, resulting in astronomical sales for GTA 5, reported to be over 90 million as of November 2018 – compared to the 91.6 million PS4 units currently in households around the world. Thus making GTA 5 the best-selling entertainment product ever. A large chunk of GTA fans would do exactly the same again, despite their complaints about feeling ripped off for buying the same game twice.

Rockstar cashed in big time. Why wouldn’t they want to replicate that? Looking at the gaps between releases of Grand Theft Auto III, IV and V, it’s exactly seven years between each one. If Rockstar carries on with that pattern, then GTA 6 could well be planned for 2020. This is exactly around the time that PS5 is rumoured to be released.”