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Guardian Leads Faze Clan to Trophy at ESL ELEAGUE Invitational CS:GO 2019



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$150.000 prize pool event ESL ELEAGUE Invitational 2019 had started on 25 January in Atlanta, US. All matches played out as BO3 (Best of three) series. Invited teams; which is intriguing couse of the new line-ups, were BIG, Faze Clan, compLexity and Cloud9. BIG’s new member is Can Dortkardesler known as “XANTARES“, made a debut match versus compLexity. We could see Kazakh player “AdreN” on the Faze Clan side, Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert on compLexity who had been inactive before the transfer and Jordan Montemurro, known as “Zellsis” on Cloud 9.

On upper bracket, scores was 2-0 in favor of C9 versus Faze and BIG versus compLexity. On lower bracket, Faze won againts compLexity with 2-0 and later on, they managed to defeat BIG to reach into finals againts Cloud9.

In the final match, first map Mirage was ended 16-3 for Cloud9. Second map Inferno was ended 16-12 in favor of Faze Clan and Faze secured last map Train with 16-9.

Ladislav “Guardian” Kovacs wins MVP award with his 1.09 tournament rating. He had 72.2 ADR, 0.71 KPR,  and 1.11 impact ratings.

Faze Clan had claimed $80.000, Cloud9 $40.000, BIG $20.000 and compLexity $10.000 award.

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