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Hearthstone Player Justine Part Ways With Complexity Gaming For An Interesting Reason



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Justine Wu, known as “Justine” has been playing for Complexity Gaming since 5 April 2018. On 2 July, they announced that Justine left Complexity Gaming because she is gonna pursued to get Medical Degree.

Complexity Gaming said:

“Thank you @JustineHSNA for allowing us to be part of your journey. We wish you the best going forward as you pursue your medical degree.”

Justine said:

“Thank you @compLexity for giving a gaming noob a chance to compete and travel. I have met a lot of great people along the way and had lots of fun playing hearthstone, but i’m ready to move on and focus on the next part of my medical journey, hope we’ll cross path again”

You can check the tweets below.

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