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Hellraisers Adds New Coach For The CS:GO Roster



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Alexander Lemeshev, known as “Lk” is a 26-year-old Russian CS:GO coach who was working for Vega Squadron between 2016 and 2018. On 17 October, Hellraisers announced that they signed Lk as a coach for the team.

Lk said:

“First of all, I want to thank HellRaisers for this opportunity! I’m excited and motivated to realize my full potential in this new role. We’ve got a great team here where everybody knows what he’s supposed to do to achieve his aims. I can’t wait for the upcoming tournaments which will be kind of like entrance exams for us. Cheer for and believe in us as we really do need your support!”

CEO of Hellraisers, Alex “Magician” Slabukhin said:

“Our first LAN tournament with me as the CEO was WePlay where HR faced Vega. I remember how Alexander and I were watching our teams compete together. It was great, and there was literally no pressure involved despite us being opponents at the time. This is when I thought how nice it would be to work with Lk-, and the time has come!”

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