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Hellraisers CS:GO Player loWel Reveals Why He Can’t Wait For The Future



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Christian Garcia Antoran, known as “loWel” who had played for teams like PENTA, Team Dignitas, Tempo Storm, Movistar Riders and many more. Since March 2019, he is playing for Hellraisers. On 4 September, after they struggled in Starladder Major Berlin 2019, he made a statement for his current status.

loWel said:

“Sad news unfortunately as I worked really hard for this, but we didnt achieve what we expected as a team, dont know what the future is gonna hold but im pretty sure its going to better and cant wait for it.”

His teammate ANGE1 replied:

“Bro u should know u did everything u could and even a bit more <3”

You can read the tweets below.

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