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Hellraisers CS:GO Player Thinks He Wasn’t Part of Old Counter Strike Scene – GeT_RiGhT Embraces Him



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27 year old Czech player Tomas Šťastný, known as “Oskar” has been playing for Hellraisers since March 2019. Before HR, he was playing for Mousesports for 3 years. On 16 May, 28 year old veteran in-game leader and currently Ninjas In Pyjamas player GeT_RiGhT shared his ex teams that he played and Oskar replied him.

Oskar said:

“I may still find some of yours esl aequitas folders, i was crazy downloading every of spawn’s, forest’s and zet’s folders. I miss this nowadays, too see how pro player see the game, configs with no fake on websites, not that id download but for some fans can be useful”

GeT_RiGhT replied:

“Wow seriously? I remember those shitty aequitas files in the days haha! Now I’m kinda clueless where to find similar things? Will never forget when I started to become a good player in fnatic and used my fake nick and went into DM.. It was to many people nicking Don’t Stop Bel**”


“Good old times, sadly i wasnt a part of it”


“Brother… You were! Don’t say something like that, also you have to remember it was completely different those times.. Now we can easily watch games “all” the time and enjoy the game we all love and care about!”

You can check the tweets below.

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