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Here Are The Best Champions To Carry Team Fights In League Of Legends



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In the game like League Of Legends, most of the players are struggling for ranking up due to the bad teammates. However, if you pick the champions that can carry the team fights, you will start to rank up easily.

Today, we are revealing the top 3 picks that can lead you to victory in the rift.

3. Wukong

After the ultimate rework of the Wukong, his win and pick rates increased for a reason. Now, you can have more damage, safety, and crowd control to win the fights for your team.

2. Qiyana

If you are fighting in the jungle or close to the walls in the game, Qiyana will be the best pick for you. With her ultimate, you can deal a high amount of damage and stun the enemies. Also, she can easily snowball when she got the lead.

1. Malphite

With playing the tank Malphite, you won’t receive any damage, and you will deal a lot of damage instantly with your ultimate. Furthermore, your team will be relying on your ultimate for the team fights so you can be the leader of your team.

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