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Here Are The Community’s Reaction To Retirement Of Veteran CS:GO Player gobb



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Fatih Dayik, known as “gobb” is a 32-year-old Turkish/German CS:GO in-game leader who has been playing Counter-Strike since 2006. On 2 Agust, gobb announced his retirement and the community showed respect to him.

Team Vitality player NBK said:

“What a legendary career @gobelante, you’ve helped so many people grow and you’re an example of dedication and passion to the game. Can only wish you the best for the next page of your book, hopefully to bring German CS back to the very top and help the whole scene grow again”

Team Vitality player apEX said:

“Well I dunno how to describe my brother @gobelante.. He is been a huge part of the German success scene for a long time and such a good human being aswell.. he will be missed for sure. Be proud of you career bro, you are a legend”

BIG player smooya said:

“Also a little shoutout to @gobelante, we had our differences at the start of us playing but you turned into a little angle towards the later half of our time together. Glad to have been able to play with you during your awesome career and here’s to you helping me even more”

MIBR awp player FalleN said:

“Gob B the mastermind! Congratz on everything you did, lot of respect for your work. You are one of the best IGLs i ever fought. What comes next for you it is only going to depend on where you drop your passion. We will miss you”

G2 Esports player KennyS said:

“You’ll be missed @gobelante beyond being a great and clever player you have an amazing personality, I had a lot of fun around you and your team. Beautiful career”

MIBR player TACO said:

“Thanks @gobelante. Wish you the best for whatever you decide to do next. You’ll be missed in Counter Strike!”

Mousesports player Karrigan said:

“@gobelante good luck in the new chapter my friend”

You can check the tweets below.


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