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Here Are The Differences Between Alphari And Jenkins According To Team Liquid League Of Legends Coach Kold



The community got surprised after Team Liquid decided to bench their top laner after the first match of the LCS Summer 2021 split, Barney “Alphari” Morris, and promoting their academy player Thomas “Jenkins” Tran.

Although it was unexpected news for most of the community to see that one of the star players of Team Liquid got benched, they were also impressed to see Jenkins’ performance throughout the split.

During a recent interview with Inven Global, Team Liquid’s interim head coach Jonas “Kold” Andersen talked about the differences between these two top laners who performed incredibly well in the tournaments.

According to Kold, Alphari is the one who focused on getting himself ahead during the laning phase. On the other side, Jenkins is a more selfless person compared to Alphari. As Kold said, they are trying to improve those parts of Jenkins right now.

Furthermore, Kold also revealed that Team Liquid was playing towards the top side for most of the times when Alphari was playing and giving all the resources to the top side. However, they started to play towards the bot side since Jenkins joined the team.

Interviewer asked:

“Team Liquid has been starting Jonathan “Armao” Armao in the jungle because of Santorin’s current health alongside Jenkins in the top lane in place of Alphari for all games this summer sans the first of the split. Both players have done well in their own respective rights, but how would you say that the team’s style has changed?”

Kold replied:

“The biggest basis has been between Jenkins and Alphari is that Alphari is more focused on getting himself ahead, where Jenkins is more focused on being, a lot of times, actually, too selfless. This is something we are trying very hard to work on with Jenkins. He can use his teammates more to gain advantage when he should. I guess that’s the biggest difference.

In terms of the jungle, I think we are very fortunate to have two junglers that are both very, very good and understand the role well. When Jenkins is playing we have more resources towards the bottom side of the map, whereas when Alphari was playing, there were more resources on the top side. Maybe people will remember some our games in spring where we were playing Camille and our support Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in was just laning top — I don’t think we’ll see that as much with Jenkins.

There are pros and cons on both sides, and we’re just kind of exploring what will give us the highest possibility of winning when it comes to playoffs. So we’re trying out different things, and we will see then what kind of style we will go with.”

Later in the conversation, Kold also talked about the return of Alphari, which was announces as the 27th of this month, and mentioned that Alphari needed to take a time off as he said that Alphari could return playing as soon as he is ready.

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