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Here Are The Easiest Assault Rifles To Play In CS:GO



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In CS:GO, most of the newest players are struggling with the recoil patterns of the guns. Most likely, that’s because they are using the most popular guns in the game, AK-47, and M4A4.

However, these guns are too hard to control compared to these rare-used assault rifles. Here are our best picks for you.

3. SG553

Before the nerf, SG553 is the strongest weapon in the game and abused by every player. Currently, the fire rate is too low compared to the other guns. However, you can pretty easily kill your enemies in lower ranks with the burst fires.

2. AUG

CT’s scoped rifle AUG has one of the easiest spray patterns in the game. Also, you can see your enemies from far away with the scope. You can try out the burst damage or spray, and choose whatever fits your playstyle.

1. Galil AR

Galil is the cheapest assault rifle in the game with $1800 price. Furthermore, it has almost zero recoil that you can just click your mouse to kill your enemy. Additionally, it has 35 bullets and 666 rounds per minute. However, you can’t kill the enemies by hitting one tap in the hand like you can in the AK-47 and SG553.

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