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Here Are The Most Broken Rainbow Six Siege Operators In Operation Void Edge



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In the FPS game like Rainbow Six Siege, the meta of the game and the power of the operators are the key to win your games. In this patch, there are lots of powerful operators to play. But, we will reveal the top 3 broken operators in Operation Void Edge.

3. Goyo

Even though Goyo got nerf in the latest patch, he is still one of the most overpowered operators in the defense. He brings so much utility to the team and creates hard times for the attackers who wanted to reach bombsite quickly.

2. Ying

Over weeks ago, Ubisoft decided to buff Ying, and they created one of the most broken operators in the history of Siege. Right now, they nerfed Ying again but she is still so strong in the match. Especially if you are playing solo, you should try her out.

1. Wamai

Wamai is brought to the game to be a rival for Jager in defense. His unique gadget protects the defenders from grenades and also, he has one deployable shield that makes him the most broken operator in the game.

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