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Here Are The Top 3 Broken Guns In The CS:GO History



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CS:GO is one of the most balanced games in history. However, Valve sometimes did unexpected updates in the game and broke the game. After these updates, most of the casual players and professional players complained and reverted it in a short period. This time, we wanted to remind you about these updates and show the worst guns in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive history.

3. R8 Revolver

In the first update that R8 Revolver added into the game, most of the players were hype because they added a different gun to rival with Desert Eagle. But, the results were beyond rivalry. The gun was one of the most overpowered guns in history with the one-shot body kill ability.

2. AUG

Counter-Terrorists’ scoped weapon has been into this game since the beginning, and, Valve decided to lower the price of the weapon to $3150 in October 2018, and make it viable for the CT’s. However, people realized that this gun is overpowered for the CT’s. It can easily kill the enemy on long-range and has the one-shot headshot potential on close range. After five months, Valve nerfed it to the ground.

1. Krieg

SG553/Krieg’s price was reduced with the same update of the AUG, but It didn’t get nerfed till today. The fire rate of the weapon and armor penetration was insanely high that it changed the meta of Counter-Strike. Furthermore, most of the analysts were claiming that some of the teams are playing well because of these gun changes.

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