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The Top 3 Champions You Should Main In League Of Legends



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Are you looking for climbing the ladder of ranks? We will reveal to you the top 3 champions to play within the League Of Legends and help you to rank up quickly. Besides the champions, you shouldn’t forget that you need to spend much more time in the game.

3. Syndra

One of the most frustrating champions to play against is Syndra. She can poke enemies with one button without spending lots of mana. Also, the one-shot potential is so much with her ultimate that you can carry your most of the games if you master her.

2. Talon

If you are looking for an assassin to dominate the rift, you should look into Talon as soon as possible. His one-shot potential in the early game and mid game, besides his easy combo management, will lead you to carry the rest of your teammates.

1. Garen

Garen is one of the easiest champions in the rift right now, and his win rate is %52 on the top lane. If you can main Garen, you will shortly rank up and see how easy to play this game. Despite being easy to play, Garen can easily snowball the game and brings you victory.

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