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Here Are The Top 3 Easiest But Overpowered Champions In League Of Legends



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League Of Legends is the game that sometimes you will feel like in heaven, and you will regret every decision you make in the game.

The reason why you are struggling in the game could be playing with the hardest champions in the rift. Today, we will show you the easiest and strongest champions in the rift to help you climbing ladders.

3. Morgana

If you are playing support most of the time, Morgana should be the most viable choice for you. She can stun her enemies for a decade and lead her ad carry to get kills. Also, you will have a lot of damage from your abilities.

2. Garen

One of the easiest champions in top lane is Garen. For over months, his win rate is over %50. You will be safe while you can take lots of damage like nothing happened and kill the opponents with your easy abilities.

1. Syndra

If you like to play mid lane and carry your team with one ability, Syndra can lead you to the victory. In the lane, you can easily poke your enemies with one button. Also, you have one of the easiest combos’ in the game to kill your opponent.

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