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Here Are The Top 3 Funniest Champions In League Of Legends



League Of Legends is not just a competition game. There are lots of players that play this game for just having fun. Because of this, we created a mini-list to make you have much more fun in your games.

3. Jinx

One of the craziest champions in the game is Jinx. Her voice lines, gameplay and global ultimate that affects the whole map is one of few reasons why you should play this champion. Also, you can watch the funniest video, which includes Jinx, that League Of Legends shared from here.

2. Zoe

Zoe is so easy to play, yet one of the strongest champions in the rift. Besides her abilities, her funny gestures and emotes will make you laugh while playing the game. Furthermore, you will have lots of chances to one-shot kill the enemy.

1. Shaco

Are you having fun while watching Joker? This champion is the form of Joker in the rift. You can play and walk around the map with your abilities easily. Additionally, you have a chance to bate enemies to kill your clone with the ultimate of Shaco.

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