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Here Are The Top 3 Guns In The Rainbow Six Siege



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Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best tactical shooter FPS games in history. Destruction and creativity are the features that make this game unique. However, we are not giving any tips for you gameplay today. But, we will show you the best guns in the Rainbow Six Siege.

3. G8A1

IQ’s one of the three primary guns in the game have changed when Amaru joined the game. Adding an option to attach a vertical grip on this weapon makes it much better than other guns. Right now, almost every professional player uses this gun on IQ’s loadout. This weapon’s damage is 37, and the rate of fire is 850 rounds per minute.

2. F2-Famas

In the FPS game like has a one-shot-headshot mechanic, the rate of fire is making a huge difference between the weapons. Despite being nerfed on its ammo capacity, Twitch’s F2 has the highest rate of fire ability compared to the assault rifles. F2 has 37 damage per bullet and 980 rounds per minute.

1. ALDA 5.56

Maestro’s LMG ALDA 5.56 is the most stronger gun for our picks. Despite Ubisoft removed the ACOG sight, it’s still beyond broken that you can shoot 81 bullets in a high rate of fire without any recoil. This gun has 35 damage per bullet, and the rate of fire is 900 rounds per minute.

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