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Here Are The Top 3 Survival Games To Play In Self-Quarantine



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Most of the people are currently in the self-quarantine due to the coronavirus outbreak and looking out for the activities that make the time pass better.

Today, we are going to show you the best three survival games to play in self-quarantine that you won’t realize how much you will spend time on these games.

3. The Long Dark

In this game, you are in the Canadian wilderness after the global disaster and trying to live by keeping an eye on the environment and weather. Also, you should be careful about not getting thirsty or hungry.

2. The Forest

In this game, you are trying to find your son, who was taken by the cannibals after the plane crash. While you are trying to find your son, you should be crafting some primitive weapons like bow and spear to hunt animals and protect yourself from the cannibals. After building your village and filled your inventory, you are ready to find your son.

1. Minecraft

One of the biggest games in the world, Minecraft, is offering you the biggest open-world that you can shape it with your imagination. There are lots of modes inside this game, but the main goal is staying alive and building up your village. Also, you can play these games (besides The Long Dark) with your friends and have a lot more fun while chatting and playing the game.

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