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Here Is A Motivational Speech For You By CS:GO Player blameF



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Benjamin Bremer, known as “blameF” is one of the best fraggers in the CS:GO scene compered to the other in-game leaders. Since September 2019, he has been playing for Complexity Gaming. Before that, he was leading the Heroic.

On 24 December, he shared his opinion about the breaks and said that people should have to work harder to reach their goals.

blameF said:

“Yearly reminder that holidays is a great opportunity to put in the extra work that others won’t. Unless you are the absolute elite and need a break, then use those days to get a advantage against your competition and set yourself up for success in 2020. This could be your year”

FPL player tabz replied:

“Thanks for the 5AM motivation bro, now I don’t want to sleep”

A fan named Doggey said:

“While I agree with the sentiment plenty of teams do this, look great when everyone comes back then the next tournament they are in the same place. Take a break, burnout is real brother <3”

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