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Here Is How Much Money ZywOo Earned In His First Year With Team Vitality



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During a recent interview with, Team Vitality’s chairman Fabien “Neo” Devide talked about Team Vitality’s future goals, the forming process of the roster, the addition of ZywOo, and many more about their organization.

In the conversation, Neo wanted to mention the first time they agreed with ZywOo and said that he was actually pretty fine with earning €1500-2000 per month, which is a pretty low salary compared to the other players.

Furthermore, Neo wanted to point out how a humble and kind person ZywOo is and stated that he is a really shy and easygoing person. Additionally, he said that he was such a polite personality who wants to destroy enemies in-game.

Here is the answer ZywOo gave to Neo about his salary:

“if you give me 1,500€ or 2,000€ I’m more than happy—that’d be insane money.”

Neo said about ZywOo:

“We made an initial offer that was more than what he asked for and we added that if he performed well in the first months we’d pay him the same as the rest of the guys.

He was so excited, his mother was so excited, and we just knew we weren’t going to overpay him, we knew he had the potential to become a genius, a virtuoso, so we wanted to make sure he was happy and full of life.

I cherish that moment. He was so shy and so polite during the call that we had, and that’s ZywOo, basically. He just wants to play the game, destroy his rivals, and he’s so easy to work with—we’re very gifted.”

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