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Here Is The CS:GO Players Reactions To Champions League Final



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On 1 June, Liverpool matched against Tottenham in the UEFA Champions League Final. When the match started, we saw the first goal without expecting it. The referee called a penalty in favor of Liverpool and Mohammed Salah found the first goal. And 87th minute in the game, Origi showed up and scored so Liverpool won the Cup. And many pro players watched the Champions League Final instead of watching semifinals of DreamHack Dallas. Here is the player’s reaction for Champions League.

Astralis player Dev1ce said after the penalty:

“RiP :(“

Fan named v1ctor replied:

“Rip after 1 goal hah nice fan”

Dev1ce replied:

“Just not the way I wanted the match to start still a few minutes to go luckily”

Gambit player Mou said:

“Wtf 0:24 sec and Gol”

Legend Maikelele said:

“That fucking sucks tbh… feeling for @SpursOfficial atm”

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