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Here Is The Fortnite Drama Between MackWood and Hogman



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Mack Aesoph, known as “MackWood,” is an American Fortnite player who has been representing Complexity Gaming for over a year. On the other hand, Michael “Hogman” Hogman his former teammate from Complexity Gaming and he has been playing for Luminosity Gaming since 2019.

Today, they both starting to blame each other for being a bad person and shared their private conversations to prove it.

Here is what MackWood said:

“I don’t know why hogman is tweeting about other players “cheating” when he openly cheated with pupper and even told me he cheated with pupper in every skirmish that they played together.”

Hogman replied with screenshots:

“Look man I haven’t talked about you or to you for nearly a year now, but “me telling you I cheated in every skirmish” or whatever is completely false. You used to be such a nice person and i miss being friends. Dunno what happened, but I’m glad you’ve found success. Honestly.”

MackWood replied with screenshots:

“You are a scumbag.”

Hogman said:

“I really don’t think I am. The 1st screenshot— my reply was because I taught you everything about frosty and was already contesting good teams, didn’t want to have you 50\50ing me all through World Cup quals since you dropped me a couple of days before it started.

The 2nd screenshot was me replying to you to make you feel better about you asking me to not stream or something. I love my viewers, I tell them that literally all the time in my stream. Without their support, I’d be completely alone. Again, IDK what happened to you man.”

MackWood replied:

“Ayeee but behind their back its fuck em right?”

Hogman responded:

“Nah, that screenshot is out of context. It was to make you feel better about asking me to not stream the tournaments. GL dude. Happy to see how far you’ve come from when I got you signed to complexity and convinced you to play again after quitting comp near winter Royale”

MackWood said:

“You are not the reason for my success so stop acting like it. But I was the reason for yours.”

Hogman wrote:

“I’ve been successful my thing long before you came around bud. I’m not taking credit for your success, just showing what a good kid you used to be.”

You can read the tweets below.

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