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Here Is The Esports Community’s Reaction To A Horrifying Death Of Kobe Bryant



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A few days ago, Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant killed in the helicopter crash in California, Los Angeles. After this devastating news, everybody shared their feelings on social media, including the esports community.

Most of them might not be the greatest athletes as the Kobe Bryant was, but they surely learned something from his personality and sportsmen character.

Astralis CS:GO player dev1ce said:

“No way Kobe has died😢”

Team Vitality CS:GO player apEX wrote this:

“This is so weird to admit. RiP champ :(“

Chaos Esports CS:GO player smooya wrote:

“No fucking way Kobe has died??:'(“

G2 Esports AWP player KennyS said:

“Bryant 🥺🙏🏻”

Team Vitality CS:GO player shox said:

“No way Kobe Bryant…. 🥺”

Overwatch player Dogman wrote this:

“That’s absolutely crazy, Kobe is one of the most inspirational people to even walk this Earth.. I wish the news was fake man holy shit”

North CS:GO player cajunb said:

“Can’t be real”

OG Esports CS:GO player NBK wrote:

“This is so fucking shit, RIP Mr.Bryant, a true legend. :(“

CLG Apex Legends player NiceWigg penned:

“RIP Kobe Bryant, it’s so hard to even read. Thank you for inspiring millions with your actions on and off the court. Absolutely heartbreaking”

Team Liquid CS:GO player Stewie2k said:

“Omg…Rest in Peace, Kobe 😭”

Spacestation Gaming Rainbow Six Siege player Canadian said:

“RIP Kobe, a true champion and inspiration 😔”

MIBR AWP player FalleN penned:

“Inspired and will continue to inspire many others for decades. True legend RIP @kobebryant very sad news.”

You can check the tweets below.

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