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Here Is The First Reaction Of s1mple After Losing Against Team Vitality In The Finals: “We Didn’t Deserve”



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Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev is a 23-year-old Ukrainian CS:GO player who is considered the best player in the world for at least half of the community. Since 2016, he has been representing Natus Vincere.

In the finals of Intel Extreme Master Beijing, Natus Vincere faced Team Vitality and s1mple gave one of the best performances in his career. Even though he led his team to lead 2-0, Team Vitality managed to come back and won the trophy with 2-3 scores.

After the matchup, s1mple wanted to share his feelings and thoughts about the game and took his official Twitter account to do so.

In the post, the Ukrainian superstar pointed out that they played poorly and admitted that they didn’t deserve to win the trophy. Also, he said that it is so hard to accept that they lost in the finals again.

Furthermore, s1mple mentioned that you shouldn’t give up when you get to the very end and shouldn’t listen to anybody who will try to hinder your success. In this way, s1mple gave a hard message to the community and proved that he will come back stronger after this devastating defeat.

Here is what s1mple wrote:

“Another 2-3 lose, ggwp Team Vitality, Congratz! Its hard to accept that we have lost another final, we don’t deserve to win it yet, thanks everyone for support!

Move to the very end, don’t give up, devote time to what you dream about, and don’t listen to those who will try to hinder your success, see you soon.”

You can read the tweets below.

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