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Here Is The Motivational Speech For The Players That Unqualified To The Fortnite World Cup From Pro Player



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American Fortnite player Austin Etue, known as “Morgausse” has been playing for Rogue since March 2019. On 9 June, during the Fornite World Cup Qualifiers, he said that qualifiers to the World Cup don’t mean players skills or anything. Players can still make themselves qualified for upcoming tournaments.

Morgausse said:

“Whether you qualify for World Cup or not does not determine your worth as a competitive player. There will be more events and more opportunities. What determines your worth as a competitive player is the drive to log back on and getting ready for the next chance to prove yourself”

Luminosity Gaming player Crowdotwave replied:

“That last part especially, quite a few players qualified after placing bad in the first few weeks because of how much they worked on their mistakes before the next one”

TSM player Kaysid replied:

“ya I get what you mean but, fhis is the first world scale event and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of OG pros/players lose hope after WC :/”

You can check the tweets below.

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