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Here Is The Truth Between Rainbow Six Siege Players BKN and Canadian



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Jordan Soojian, known as “BKN” is a Rainbow Six Siege coach who had been a member for teams like PENTA Sports, Continuum, Evil Geniuses, SK Gaming and more. Since November 2018, he has been coaching for DarkZero Esports. On 7 September BKN revealed the truth between him and his former player Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawski from Evil Geniuses and Continuum.

BKN said:

“Hey everyone, me and @BroCanadian have both formally apologized to each other about how we handled our situation on EG. Hate in the heart is not healthy and we can both move on now. Closure. Now go make a reddit post ya filthy casuals and don’t bother us again”

Canadian replied:

“No denying the two of us had our differences on EG. Definitely was not a good reason to act as we did however. Should have just set our differences aside and moved on without throwing shade at eachother in the first place.”

You can read the tweets below.

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