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Here Is The Untold Tips To Be An In-Gamer Leader By MAJ3R



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French/Turkish in-game leader Engin Kupeli, known as “MAJ3R” is a 28-year-old veteran player who had played for teams like Millenium, Space Soldiers, Imaginary Gaming. Currently, MAJ3R is playing for Team LDLC. Also, he is playing Counter-Strike since 2006 and due to this experience, he made a list of some key factors to be an in-game leader.

MAJ3R said:

“In my opinions some key to be leader .

– earn respect from your teammates.

– show hardwork and stay humble

– Watch match to stay in the metagame

– find how to use players in the best way

And most important, dont be stubborn with your ideas and accept critizism When needed.”

You can read his tweet below.

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