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Heroic Announces CS:GO Roster Changes



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Frederik Nielsen, known as “LOMME,” is a 26-year-old Danish former CS:GO player and currently a coach who had worked for teams like Tricked Esport, North Academy, and more. Since August 2019, he had been coaching for Heroic.

Heroic has shared a new post on their official Twitter account and announced that they made a roster change for the CS:GO squad. They stated that LOMME will be parting ways with the team and thanked for all his effort into the team.

Here is the statement from Heroic:

“Today we announce the departure of Frederik “LOMME” Nielsen. He has brought in a lot of structure and new skills to the roster and we could not be more grateful for the work he has put in together with the team. We wish him all the best and good luck in his future endeavors!”

LOMME wrote:

Time to move on to other things. Enjoyed my time with Heroic a lot! Hope they will find success with the new team!”

You can read the tweets below.

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