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Hotancold Reflects On Spacestation’s Performance In 2021



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Matthew Stevens, known as “Hotancold,” is a 23-year-old American RainbowSix Siege player who has been playing under Spacestation Gaming jersey for over four months. Previously, he was playing for Mirage and DarkZero Esports.

Hotancold spoke in a recent interview with and talked about their performance with Spacestation Gaming and revealed the factors that made them successful after his addition to the roster.

Spacestation Gaming had been struggling to perform at a high level for the last year, especially following the departure of Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawski, they had a hard time finding themselves.

However, the organization managed to come back to the top again following the additions of Hotancold and his former teammate from DarkZero Esports, Alexander “Skys” Magor. They managed to win both NAL – 2021 Season – Stage 2 and Stage 3.

In the conversation, Hotancold was asked about the reasons for their success for the last couple of months, and he pointed out that confidence is the biggest factor in his individual performance on the server.

Furthermore, the experienced player pointed out that the addition of Skys also made things easier for the roster because it made them a more diverse team. According to Hotancold, the teamwork’s been clicking since the start.

Hotancold talked about their success:

“I would say the biggest factor is confidence in myself, which stems from my team’s confidence in me. It’s easy to be confident in myself when my team is confident in me.”

He also shared his opinion on the addition of Skys:

“It makes our team so diverse, everyone can play every role if they needed to. I feel like the teamwork is already there, Bosco teamed with Skys, I teamed with Skys, the teamwork’s been clicking since the start.”

Later in the conversation, Hotancold explained why he has such great statistical numbers by saying that he is playing by himself for lots of the time, and his job is to find openings and get kills.

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