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How Good Neymar Is In CS:GO, Silver Or Global?



Even though NeymarJr is known for his amazing talent and individual skill in football, he has been becoming more popular around the world while playing Counter-Strike on the live stream via Twitch.

Back in 2016, the whole world started to realize that Neymar is interested in playing video games slowly, and he has been on the front page of some of the great websites with leaked screenshots and pictures.

However, his fame started to gain a reputation and numbers in 2019. Neymar started to stream live on Twitch more often and interact with his community while playing Counter-Strike.

In 2020, Neymar become more and more popular in the gaming community following the increase of his live streams, and you could see the clutches and insane plays Neymar did all around the scene.

In fact, Neymar announced an event in December 2020, and he played with professional players such as Shox, ZywOo, arT, HEN1, and more. During this showmatch, Neymar made great plays and earned the respect of the community.

If we compare the gameplays of Neymar from 2019 and 2020, we can easily say that his movement aim is improved a lot. Also, it’s important to mention that he is a professional football player, so he has probably high reflexes.

In addition, his muscle-brain memory is probably higher than the average player because of that. But, it makes everybody wonder what is the real rank of Neymar in CS:GO. To reply to this question, we should check out his stats as well as his mindset.

Earlier, Neymar shared a picture on social media, which shows that he was at Master Guardian rank. But we did check his current now via his steam account, and it seems like he is now at Legendary Eagle Master rank on Valve’s matchmaking system.

In Faceit, Neymar played only 600 matches, and it’s clear to say that he didn’t really grind to rank up in the game. If you could check out his stats, he has 26 average kills and a 1.56 kill/death ratio per game, which is really high.

However, he is level 2 in Faceit right now, which means that he is playing the game with his friend for having fun only. Otherwise, he would be around level 5-7 on Faceit with his high skill and reaction time.

Additionally, if he would have tried hard enough, he could easily reach the Supreme Master First Class and Global Elite with great teammates. But if we answer the question on the headline, Neymar’s current rank is Legendary Eagle Master, and level 2 on Faceit.

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