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Humanoid Responds To Alphari’s Thoughts About European Teams



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Marek Brázda, known as “Humanoid,” is a 21-year-old Czech League Of Legends player who has been representing MAD Lions for almost two years. Before that, he had played for teams like Splyce and Dark Passsage.

In their first match, MAD Lions faced Team Liquid but lost against the NA roster. After the match, Humanoid spoke in an interview with Travis Gafford and talked about Barney “Alphari” Morris’s opinion about the European teams.

Alphari recently told that European teams are weaker in the 2021 League Of Legends World Championship compared to the other years and claimed that they are not going to make it out to the group stage.

Following this statement, Humanoid responded to Alphari and stated that they are still better than the North American teams even though they lost the first game. According to Humanoid, it is one of the results of playing a best-of-one match.

Furthermore, the talented mid laner pointed out that the Asian teams are definitely better than the western teams, but they shouldn’t have any problems facing any North American teams at all.

Humaoid’s response to Alphari:

“I think we shouldn’t have issues against NA, to be honest, but I think the Asian teams are for sure better than both Europe and NA. But I still think we are better than NA even though we just lost the game.

It’s just the best of one, it was pretty unlucky, and I think next time we can for sure beat them.”

You can check out the full interview below.

Later in the conversation, Humanoid also talked about what MAD Lions learned about facing the International teams during the scrim and how much they improved compared to the regular season.

While the Chezhz mid laner was saying that Asian teams are way better than them, and they learned lot during those matches. According to Humanoid, their playstyle also changed a due to the meta.

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