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Illuminar Gaming CS:GO Player innocent Talks About Snax’s Performance: “He Is Getting Better”



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Paweł Mocek, known as “innocent,” is a 26-year-old Polish CS:GO player who has been playing for Illuminar Gaming since July 2019. Previosly, he had played for PENTA, Sprout, Team Kinguin, and many more.

In the recent interview with, innocent revealed his opinion about Polish legend Janusz “Snax” Pogorzelski’s performance.

innocent stated that the fall of and Snax was not only Snax’s fault. As innocent stated in, there were lots of problems that cause Snax to underperform, and being around the wrong people is one of them.

Furthermore, innocent said that Snax is getting day by day and feels great to play with the players in the Illuminar Gaming. Also, he said that if they continuously practice and work hard, he believes that Snax will be on top again.

Interviewer asked:

“The team made headlines with the addition of Snax. How has it been to incorporate such a high-profile player into the team? Do you think he’ll eventually be able to replicate his old level of form?”

innocent replied:

“I have known Snax for a very long time. To me, it was clear that it was not like he had stopped progressing and had just gone downhill. It was not only his fault; there were many things that had an influence on Snax and most likely wrong people around him. In, he was an in-game leader, he was creating strats and systems and he had to deal with constant roster changes he wasn’t really in charge of, and so on.

I can only imagine how demotivating that is for a person who has the burden of leading the team and needs to start over again and again, because they picked another player, and then they needed to swap roles, positions again and stuff. I am pretty sure that if we keep up and practice a lot, he will get back to doing what he used to do on a daily basis. You can clearly see he is playing much better day by day and he feels good around the players we have right now.”

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