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Immortals League Of Legends Player Insanity Reveals The Most Underrated Midlaner In LCS Right Now



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David Challe, known as “Insanity,” is a 21-year-old American League Of Legends player who had played for teams like Team Secret, Team Liquid Academy, and more. Since June 2020, he has been playing for Immortals.

Insanity spoke in a recent interview with Inven Global and talked about the new items, new meta, and many more. Also, he revealed his opinion about the new mid laners of LCS.

In the post, Insanity called the ‘elite’ to the European mid laners like Perkz, Jensen, and PowerOfEvil and praised their talent. Also, he stated that PowerOfEvil is the most underrated mid laner in LCS and said that he is a really good overall player.

Interviewer asked:

“You mentioned the ones people see as elite – Perkz, Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen, and PowerOfEvil [confirmed so far] – so with all of them plus the rookies, etc, what’s going on in mid?”

Insanity replied:

“I think honestly among the “elite” European mid laners, I think the most underrated one is POE. I think he’s a really, really good overall player. Playing vs him versus playing against the other players…

I learn more playing vs him than the others. I think Jensen is a really good player, and I think he’s really mechanically gifted which makes him shine. But I think POE is really, really smart in his gameplay, and it feels hard to punish him.

And it always feels like he’s finding ways to get leads and then carry those leads to his teammates or just carry the game by himself because of his high damage numbers.”

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