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Immortals Signs Dardoch As An Assistant Coach



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Joshua Hartnett, known as “Dardoch,” is a 23-year-old American League Of Legends player who is considered one of the most talented players in the LCS. However, bad luck followed his whole career.

Dardoch represented such teams as Team Liquid, Immortals, Counter Logic Gaming, Optic Gaming, Team SoloMid, and many more in less than five years. Since May 2020, he had been playing for Dignitas.

Unfortunately for Dardoch, Dignitas also didn’t want to continue with him and decided to part ways with the jungler in the middle of LCS Summer 2021, in which surprised most people because he was the best performer on the team.

While the community was been thinking about the options that Dardoch has for this split, Immortals announced that they added Dardoch into their League Of Legends roster as an assistant coach.

Why Dardoch Become A Coach?

After announcing his new path with Immortals, Dardoch spoke in a recent interview with Upcomer and talked about the decision behind being a staff member for the organization as well as his future.

In the conversation, Dardoch mentioned it wasn’t viable to join an organization to play in the middle of the season, and he wanted to offer his knowledge of League Of Legends to the organizations as a staff member.

While Dardoch was saying that there is a possibility of continuing his career as a coach, he also opened up the door for his future player career by saying that he is still a well-rounded player who has lots of capabilities.

Furthermore, the 23-year-old player also pointed out that his experience with coaching could help him a lot if he returns the rift as a player. Additionally, Dardoch revealed that coaching is what wanted to in the future anyways.

Dardoch said:

“I think I’m still very well-rounded as a player and I have a lot of capabilities there. I’m not going to close that door at all, but I do think there’s a possibility I just stay as a coach. It is inevitably what I thought I was going to do after my playing career anyway. It’s not like it’s something I’m not happy doing.

But as it stands right now, obviously, I would very easily be a player. That was my life a few weeks ago, a month ago, but I want to give myself an opportunity to kind of switch where my headspace is, adapt to my new role and see where that leads my thinking.

If I do end up going back to being a player, I think that my experiences as a coach in this short time will help me a lot in that way. I also think, in the same right, if I stay as a coach, obviously those experiences as a player will help me a lot there as well.”

Later in the conversation, Dardoch also showed his gratidue for Immortals and hoped that he can make a difference in Immortals to make them a better team in the future.

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